Live Shrimp, Frozen mullet, chum, and shrimp


It's with great sadness I must announce the closing of the bait store.   We will be building custom rods, Custom bait traps and bait pens that can be delivered anywhere in the lee, Charlotte, and collier county area. 

Please contact us via Email or Facebook message as we no longer have a business phone number.  

Bonita Tackle

Bonita Tackle is a store brought forward by today’s discerning fisherman who searches for the best tackle and bait that will bring success.  We specialize in Custom built Fishing Rods; Spinning, Conventional and Fly.  We don’t just want customers we want people to feel like family.  Come grab your shrimp for the day, pick up some hooks and weights, and other necessary items.  If the weather says NO Fishing that’s ok, come on in anyway to sit and chat with us.  We look forward to supplying all your fishing needs.