Bait Prices

 We carry both live and frozen bait along with Sabiki Rigs, Pinfish Traps and Cast nets.

If your boat is in a marina or docked at your house and you would like a live and/or frozen bait delivery please contact Shug at the store and we can work out the delivery. Delivery fees run $10-25 depending on where the delivery is headed. Multiple deliveries to same marina will split delivery fee and orders over $100 will have free delivery.  



Shrimp   per dz  $       4.00        

               per 50  $       15.00        

             per 100  $       28.00      

Crabs  each   permit & tarpon $      3.25      

Pinfish  each     Mixed    $           

Fiddler Crabs- per dz  $                  

Sand Fleas - per dz.  $.                   

Pilchards - per dz.    $                  

Finger Mullet - per dz.  $                     

Blue Runner - Dz        $               (Special order 2-3 days lead time needed) 


Frozen Bait Prices

Shrimp.  8oz bag                $4.49

Sand Fleas    24 ct.             $ 3.49

3/4-1# Ladyfish       1pk      $3.49

3/4-1# Silver Mullet  1pk    $3.49

Finger Mullet   12 pk           $3.49

cigar minnows. 1# Bag       $4.49

Sardines - 5# box                $12.99

Bonita 2-4# per fish            $

Octopus     2# pk.                $10.99

Squid  - 1# Box.                   $3.99

Squid  - 5# Box                    $15.99

5# Chum Block in bag        $5.99

7# Blue label Chum Block  $9.99

Menhaden oil     -1Qt         $16.99

Capt Van's 1# baitfish dry chum        $4.99

Capt Van's 4# baitfish dry chum        $15.99



                    Live Bait Policies

Double check all live bait orders before leaving.


We strive to keep our baits in the best condition possible and give the customer what they request.  We understand that things can happen to live bait, but once the Bait is in your bucket and leaves our store we are not responsible for the bait you feel is to small or is not what you wanted.  


If baits are not kept in an insulated and aerated container the water heats up and oxygen levels decrease.  If kept with only an aerator it will live longer but the warmer the water the less oxygen carrying ability. 


Lastly do not put ice directly into the water to cool it, shrimp are a very sensitive animal and the small amount of chemicals used to make ice safe for humans can be dangerous to the shrimp.  Use a frozen water bottle to cool your bait water so as not to kill your bait.  


After you leave with your bait, it is yours and we take NO responsibility for the care or length of time the bait lives after leaving the store.